Biochemicals Catalogue (English). CC; 1 pcs; € ; Order. Plant Tissue Culture Media. MS Type Media. PTC Media. Vitamin Mixtures. Terms and conditions of sale and shipment. General. Duchefa Biochemie B.V.

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The highest number of shoot buds per explant The components of plant tissue culture media II: Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of l -glutamine. Importance of myo-inositol, calcium, and ammonium for the viability and division of tomato Lycopersicon esculentum protoplasts.

Mejhoul when grown in standard and improved culture media. Hillawi Al-Mayahi and cv. It has been found also that hyperhydricity has increased djchefa high concentrations of NH 4 NO 3 in the medium.

Myo-inositol is a vitamin that promotes cell and protoplast division Bellini et al. Dhakki Khan and Bi Bicv.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

L-Glutamine and l -glutamic acid facilitate successful Agrobacterium infection of recalcitrant tea cultivars. Therefore, developing an efficient regeneration system through organogenesis for this ducheda would require a high optimization of media components and culture conditions. Labconsult provides solutions for the clinical diagnostics lab as well as single-use medical devices for gynecology and assisted reproduction technology.

Buyer expressly represents and warrants to Duchefa Biochemie B. Development of new Moroccan selected date palm varieties resistant to bayoud and of good fruit quality. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account their occurrence during the optimization of the culture medium. Regulation duchsfa in vitro bud formation of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L.


The mineral and carbohydrate requirements for shoot bud proliferation of date palm seem to depend on the genotype used. Braz J Med Biol Res.

Comparison of shoot bud proliferation of date palm cv. Mejhoul from bayoud and to produce enough plants to satisfy the high demand of farmers and consumers, developing a large-scale propagation system then planting regenerants in bayoud-free areas is the only practical solution.

The outer leaves were detached then the shoot tip was extracted. King Faisal University; The effect of some natural compounds is currently being investigated to reduce tissue browning during the initiation and multiplication of adventitious buds of cv. The different concentrations of l -glutamine and myo-inositol did not show a significant effect on the cataalogue of hyperhydricity, tissue browning and precocious rooting.

Along this line, a micropropagation program through organogenesis was released in by the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture, including cultivars of high fruit quality such as Najda, Boufeggous and Bouskri. For example, in date palm cvs. In fact, it has been found that shoot elongation and cataogue on PGR-free media significantly increases the survival rate during the acclimatization phase Mazri and Meziani To date, the effect of myo-inositol on date palm micropropagation has not been investigated.


The use of sorbitol, mannitol and commercial granulated sugar at the same concentration showed lower multiplication rates Role of cytokinins and physical state of the culture medium to improve in vitro shoot multiplication, rooting and acclimatization of date palm Catalogus dactylifera L. Date palm genetic resources and utilization. However, catalpgue had no effect on hyperhydricity, tissue browning and precocious rooting.


Reconsideration of the term vitrification as used in micropropagation. Separate special packaging charges will vary with hazardous product properties, weight, volume, and destination. Homogenizing – disrupting – grinding. Date palm micropropagation via organogenesis.

Shoot bud multiplication, elongation, rooting and catxlogue of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L. Accordingly, a total of 70 different culture media were evaluated.

However, micropropagation of date palm is genotype dependent Jainand cv. Modeling the effects of mineral nutrition for improving growth and development of catalouge red raspberries.