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The street name is additionally preceded by the road number and mileage, i. Information on current position The information panel indicates the location and the current position GPSbased or describes a point selected on the map.

PenDrive devices and USB memory keys may be recognized as memory cards, so make sure that the right device is selected. Fisher And Frey First 20 Days.

Yeah, when trying to read a new book as this fujifilm fuji finepix s service manual repair guide, you automapa instrukcja start from certain time and place You can read automapa instrukcja fujifilm fuji finepix Research and publish the best content. Minimize – hides the program. Hold the 3D button to display the slider controlling the 3D buildings blocks height instead instrhkcja the scale slider. Software also enables the user to block entire areas.

Demo Select Demo to show a demonstration of the calculated route.

An important display parameter is the scale, below which the points are displayed on the map. Pop-up category Pop-up – in this category, groups of frequently used POIs can be created for easy access. The same actions are necessary when installing on a clean memory card. Favourites Displays and edits the user’s favourite POIs.

If the program is installed in device memory, the user will lose all system settings, including favourite points, POI, etc. The process of AutoMapa installation onstrukcja registration is subject to the type of carrier on which the program was supplied. Under instrucja license, the program may be installed on one computer only.

In case of devices which are not connected to a PC via ActiveSync e. For this reason, the installer prevents AutoMapa from being installed in the main memory of such insturkcja device. Short The system will map the shortest possible route, avoiding roads of the lowest category e.

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The user can obviously block a one-way traffic lane in a multilane road. The application autlmapa try to detect the device’s buttons, but sometimes it is unable to recognize the function buttons. By default, the first two parameters are used.

The Traffic Instrujcja Assistance system was first introduced for European countries. If you enable the use only av option, determining the ETA will only show in the pilot when the navigation has been in operation for at least the period set by the ‘Calculate av. You will be asked to select the components and maps to be removed. Go to – opens a destination selection menu that allows you to immediately start navigation upon correct configuration of GPS device.

Options Specifies which message groups are turned on, and which are off navigational, warning about POI, about turning off the route, welcome message. The Lengths and times window shows the division of the route into road types, length and driving time. The Light illumine her as units and good hard disks: The system will go into map display mode.

When selected, an emergency message is automatically sent to the ICE number saved in the contacts. Show track Shows the saved track as a green line on the map. To autimapa data, active Internet connection is necessary. The pilot panel, notifying the instruckja about the upcoming manoeuvre moreover, each such maneouvre will be preceded by a voice message including similar information and the name of the street where the manoeuvre will take place is displayed on the screen.

It should be noted that the so-called cold start i. If the program is installed on a memory card in the PC reader, the user will be asked to move the card to the reader in the portable device.

They are presented on the map as icons insgrukcja POIs autkmapa can affect route calculation.



Directional arrow to route point The arrow is displayed in the top right corner of the screen and it shows the direction to the next point on the route this feature is hidden by default.

The mode and button icon will change. The third tap returns to the position display. Additional program languages, skins and colours of program windows, message voices, additional icons and POI Points of Interest warning sounds can also be selected at this stage. When the rectangle is lit blue, the given option is active. The scale can also be changed with the scale slider.

In this menu, the user decides whether to display or block the display of the profile creator when AutoMapa starts. If the user wants to browse the master category contents, they must click the icon. Proton Workshop Products Manual.

Movie In Hindi Full Movie. If the Slide Rule is moved down, the map will be enlarged to a more detailed view. Other Delete route after reaching destination – deletes the route after reaching the END point.


Map colours in night mode – specifies the map colour set, selected separately for night mode. These applications can be downloaded from our automala or obtained from the hardware supplier. With the area editor you can select a given map section and perform one of the actions below: MiploSync application MiploSync application, available on the website, is used for automatic, self-acting downloading and updating of POIs.

If the map has already been installed, this option enables the user to install the same fragment of the map, e.