Completing the Card Use Verification Form Now that you know how you are going to resolve your transaction(s), it’s simple to complete the form. Check the box. The Card Use Verification form is available on the WageWorks Web site when you log into your account. A link titled ‘Submit Receipts for Health Care Card Use’ . is new for and enables merchants to verify eligible purchases at the register When you use your Card for an eligible item or service, the money is taken Use another form of payment and submit receipts for reimbursement via Pay.

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Log in wageeworks your FSA account at www. To accept the Card, the merchant must have an IRS-qualified system that can automatically verify transactions at checkout. If you have a Card transaction that requires verification, you will be notified immediately on the Welcome page upon login and via email. The type or description of the service or product.

First, the patient name, this may be excluded verificarion over the counter items. If you do not take action within 90 days: You also have the option to send in check to repay your account for the amount of the unverified transaction. If not included, a copy of the prescription must accompany the receipt instead.

For each transaction that’s listed, be sure you mark whether you’re sending the actual documentation.

In order for the receipt or any documentation to be valid, it must include the five specific pieces of information required by the IRS:. Your Card will be suspended.


Pay for services or purchases on the same day you receive them. A link titled ‘Submit Receipts for Health Care Card Use’ is visible on the welcome page when you first log into your account. You may submit the actual documentation for the transaction listed. awgeworks

Please make sure to include all documentation with your Card Use Verification Form. If you have lost or misplaced verififation receipt, you can submit a substitute receipt of equivalent value or repay your account.

If you do not take action within 90 days:. Dates of Service — Service start and end date for services provided.

If you pay for eligible recurring expenses, follow the online instructions to set up automatic payments. And remember it takes us two business days for your form to be processed and reviewed.

If documentation for the actual transaction is not available, you may submit substitute documentation for any eligible purchase that was not made with your WageWorks Health Care Card or filed as a Pay Me Back claim. Please make sure the documentation includes the following five pieces of information. While many of your Card transactions will be verified at checkout, you still will need wwageworks hold on to your receipts for tax purposes and in case we need to verify the transaction for any reason.

Click here for your FSA Worksheet. Once you sign up for a Dependent Care FSA and decide how much to contribute, wageworkz funds available to you depend on the actual funds in your account. Not only are your Medical Expense FSA funds available to you in one lump sum at the beginning of your plan year, but your FSA funds are deducted before federal and state taxes are calculated on your paycheck.

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To pay a provider: Once you sign up for a Medical Expense FSA and decide how much to contribute, the maximum annual amount of reimbursement for eligible health care expenses will be available throughout your period of coverage. Please keep the following tips in mind when sending a fax.

WageWorks Web Tutorial: WageWorks Card Use Verification Form

In most instances, your Card transaction will be verified at checkout, which verificcation you will not have to submit a receipt to WageWorks after the transaction. WageWorks will notify you of any Card transactions that require attention by email and when you log into your account.

To speed processing, remember to save receipts that show exactly what you paid verificayion, the amount and date of service. You may use your Dependent Care FSA to receive reimbursement for eligible dependent care expenses for qualifying individuals. Only the custodial parent of divorced or legally-separated parents can be reimbursed using the Dependent Care FSA. If you prefer to submit a paper claim by fax or mail, you can go to www.

When you pay for an eligible health care or dependent care expense, you want to put your FSA account to work right away. You have 90 days from the date of the transaction to take care of any outstanding unverified purchases. In most instances, you will be able to use your Card with little or no inconvenience. Use your WageWorks Health Care Card instead of cash or credit at health care providers and pharmacies for eligible services, goods and prescriptions.