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This story is from the series of Banglar Bhooter Golpo. They get a scolding from the master.

Vikram Betal | বিক্রম বেতাল | Swarna Danda | Bangla Cartoon Video

If King Vikram utters a single word from his mouth, the vampire will fly back its abode. Prachanda abducted beautiful princess Rupavati so that she could get her married to her son Brishaskandha. Furthermore; the Pandit Mosai, even narrates that Gopal was benvali unable to sees a huge snake before eyes and he mistakes it to be benyali rope lying in front of him.

They devise a plan to kill Gopal, and take him in as a part of their gang.

So this story is in the category of Thakumar jhuli or Rupkothar Golpo. Stories teach us a new way of looking at everyday life. It is Raja Krishnachandra, who thinks that neither of them is paying attention about upholding his respect in the Krishnanagar province. This is a purely comedy and fantasy based bangla cartoon. Such was the genius of Gopal that the King considered him as stores Navaratna of his court.

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Thakurmar Jhuli Bangomaa Ar Bangom! This Gopal dies, but then he is brought back to life. Watch to know what happens next. Chitrabarna, a prince of neighboring kingdom plans to save the princess.

Vikram Betal | বিক্রম বেতাল | Protihingsha | Bengali Cartoon Video – Самые лучшие видео

This story is from the series of Lullu Bhooter Golpo. Balloon and in kisna’s era. New Story One day while returning from a trip he saves an orphan and frees him from the clutches of some bad guys.

Stories of Vikram and Betaal are famous not only in India but worldwide. This is a purely bangla cartoon based on the fairy tales written by upendrakishore ray chowdhury with comedy and fantasy. For more information, visit, www.

Gopaler Punarjanma All of the evil spirits and ghost discuss that Gopal is getal them crazy. Will the King and his subjects agree to the monster’s conditions? Kalo Manush Gopal’s grandchildren keep running very fast as they are very very late for their class. Post your comments below and share our videos with your friends.


This story is based on the adventure of lullu bhoot. Bhalotia Written by Priyo Chattopadhyay. Want to know more? Discover our fun and lovely characters and enjoy new and traditional children songs plus our wonderful collection of nursery rhymes for kids and children. Enjoy this fun-filled cult brngali serial. And, due to this reason, the King has even granted him leave. In this Cartoon there is a golden Falcon who get injured and cured by a fisher.

Stories teach us a new way of looking at btal life.

Watch Short and motivational Story named “Magical Falcon”. Please leave your comments or feel free to discuss in the comments section. The stories are short, beautiful, humorous and have a specific social message.