Hailed as “an extraordinary novel of men at war” (The Washington Post) this is the book that inspired the TNT television series starring Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this The Last Ship: A Novel – Kindle edition by William Brinkley. Download. Hailed as “an extraordinary novel of men at war” (The Washington Post) this is the book that inspired the TNT television series starring Eric.

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Alden, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Brin,ley can still be found in some libraries and used book stores, and I found a copy at Amazon. If you like the premise of the book which I thought was very interesting give this book a try. We know and understand that the captain is of some academic acumin, aware and even quoting from history and literature. This leads me to the other big problem with the wi,liam. Well, to start off with, this is a story that is very dystopian, very tragic, and essentially the apotheosis of thermonuclear holocaust novels.

The Last Ship by William Brinkley

I imagine that in the right hands, or with a brutal editor, it could have been a true classic. I get that some authors write like Hemingway and some write like Joyce, and it is a matter of taste, and not necessarily literary merit, which a reader prefers.

Quite simply, his writing style was frustrating. What the fuck, Captain. I thought the title was familiar and looked in my bookcase. Lengthy chapters without a single bit of dialogue. Viking Press hardcover Ballantine Books paperback. He discusses the ethics of commanding a warship, the capabilities of nuclear strike forces, daily life aboard a U. This would mean that they would have to expend lat of their remaining fuel, and would not be able to reach the Pacific to look for habitable land.

THE LAST SHIP by William Brinkley | Kirkus Reviews

The Nathan James continues to scout the Mediterranean coastline, finding only masses of bbrinkley suffering from radiation sickness who have fled the chaos inland. Oh, and did I mention the women? There was no real reason to do this. He is entirely uninterested in going back to America, and is puzzlingly indifferent to the possible destruction of everything he ever knew, of every place he ever went, of every person he ever met.

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InBrinkley wrote and published The Fun Housea comedy novel set in the offices of a picture magazine, similar to that of Life. Brinkldy notice a pattern where the amount of fallout increases with the size of nearby landmasses.

It was as though there were ten pages missing they weren’t, of course. He went on and on and on about it, ad nauseum, at ehip opportunity. Luckily, the Nathan James was designed with cold weather and fallout in mind and Thomas orders the ship hermetically sealed sgip people stationed on the bridge in short rotations. Post-apocalyptic fiction is a robust but slightly disreputable sub-genre. The Last Ship is a magnificent book.

He possessed that Jewishness which is quietly confident of its superiority of intellect, by the same token far too smart to let his knowledge of that fact show through, realizing that to do so throws away half its power The whole premise of this book– that they only start to see a problem with the 26 women when they realise they are the last women in the world and they are the last men– is ludicrous. Navy that the Nathan James ever receives.

Writing style I really, really wanted to like this book. Feb 01, Kd rated it it was amazing.

I have read many reviews by other readers of The Last Ship over the years and each of them stated the same thing If someone were to summarize the novel to me I would probably be bronkley exited to read it.

First wilpiam foremost I must say that Brinkley was truly ambitious in his attempt at writing a very modern story in the voice of a very old world sea captain.

In the process or searching for survivors, Nathan James and her crew discover another ship, belonging to the other side which could pose the ultimate confrontation to end the war.



In the following weeks the ship proceeds through the Suez Canal, which is luckily open, and travels through treacherous seas in the Indian Ocean as nuclear winter begins to take full effect, with dramatic temperature drops and black snow at the equator.

William Brinkley brilliantly takes the grand themes of seafaring fiction—the mysterious sawy of the sea over williiam nature, the tensions and bonds of the shipboard community, the moral crisis of war at sea—and launches them into the uncharted waters of the post-holocaust world. I realized I had bought the book about 25 years ago but had not gotten around to reading it.

Other things I didn’t like. Thomas then decides to head southward into the North Sea te then to the United Kingdomin order to bginkley contact with friendly forces.

The Last Ship

I am almost sorry that I did. His professionalism and ehip did wonders in lifting the material. Let us begin, shall we, with some quotes from Chapter Two: Human being are human beings, despite military discipline, and everything that occurs in civvy street between men and women working together occurs in the military too, only with more alcohol, fitter bodies and more access to each other we sleep where we work.

The only way I made it through the book was by learning how to find the few sentences per page that actually matter, and skimming over everything else. That’s what I was thinking, at least. I thought it was verbosity for verbosity’s sake. I felt like, in his head, all the men were cute puppies, and all the women were disdainful cats. Fight for Survival Book Five.