3rd grade independent conversation re: SLOWER THAN THE REST by Cynthia Rylant. Mariam –I jotted that I predicted Leo would have the best project. 25 Oct What do you think the theme is of this short tale? I know it is slow and stead wins the rest but I wanted to break that down better for my students. 20 Mar “Slower than the. Rest” by Cynthia. Rylant is a short story in the collection titled. Every Living Thing. “Charles” by Shirley. Jackson is a short.

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Leo and charlie are best friends because Laos dad calls Leo slower cynthi the rest and that is what a turtle is. Leo does avery good job on his presentation. Unfortunately, having a pet turtle made Leo “slower than the rest” in his class, and his seating was changed to sitting in the back of the room with other “slow” kids. VanArkel 3rd — Mrs.

But one day the turtle never came for a month and I wondered why, so I went to the swamp near my house and found the turtle. Dear class, I am doing a succinct summary. Leo doesn’t work as fast as his classmates in school. He loved his turtle and was so surprised that he won. Your family will enjoy meeting many slower than the rest by cynthia rylant animal friends, like cats, dogs, bird, turtles, cows and more!


This is a heart warming story by Cynthia Rylant. So that’s my word review. Leo won the a award from the principal.

Friendship is important because friends are always there for you when you need them to help make any situation better, slwoer easier to deal with. Leo was considered slower than most kids his age. This story is about a boy named Leo who finds a turtle on the side of the road and brings him home.


By having Charlie help Leo through such tough times, Cynthia Rylant was able to show how friendship can make life better. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Leo is slow so he is in a special class for slow children. When Leo took Charlie to school, Charlie helped Leo feel fast and confident for the first time in a long time. This turtle is named Charlie. That is what Better than the Rest is about.

Leo knew that he could trust Charlie, and that made Leo feel much better about things. Another key point from the story that showed friends make situations better is cynthai Leo took Charlie to school.

Villecco’s 5th Grade Rocks : “Slower Than the Rest” by Cynthia Rylant

Leo is a boy who is slower than the rest at learning so he was placed in a special classroom with children as slow as he. Leo test Charlie one day and is allowed to keep him.

Leo decides that he is going to bring Charley to his class and tell them about how turtles need our help to cross high ways,roads,and streets. Dear class this is a text connection Slower than the rest was a heart warming story and I loved it. I read “Slower than the rest” and I am a huge fan of it. A couple days later, Leo brought Charlie to school for a report on forest fires.


Look them up and write their definitions. Given these points, I learned from the story that friends can certainly help to make tough situations easier get through. Leo and the turtle were great friends because they both moved slowly. Slower than the rest is a story about a boy named Leo who finds a turtle on the highway.

Leo looked all around the street. Sincerely Nadya Reply Emma posted by Ms. He explains how some animals are fast, and how some are slower than the rest.

Every Living Thing

Leo is slower than the rest. Leo names the turtle Charlie.

He named The turtle Charlie and from the start he loved Charlie. When Leo has an assignment to make a presentation on forest fylant, Leo brings Charlie into school for his presentation.

Charlie helped Leo to realize that he was not the only person slow at things. The book was amazing in my opinion.