The Motorola GR Repeater provides the perfect solution. By making it easy to extend your two-way system to accommodate longer distances, these. Find great deals for Motorola Radius GR Repeater Station Input Voltage / vac. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Motorola gr repeater – 12 results from brands Tram, Motorola, Icom, products like Icom MICRO UHF MHZ 50W Repeater Duplexer N CONNECTOR.

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Prices are changed quarterly, so use the mentioned prices only as a rough indication. Does anyone have additional photos of a GR an internal photo would be nice? The DeskTrac has a horizontal mic jack with the locking clip at the bottom, and the pins numbered from left motoropa right like ethernet. For example, if it’s programmed to Call Us Toll Free – – It’s dead anyway, just use a large pair of diagonal cutters and chop apart the old connector.

Motorola gr repeater | Compare Prices at Nextag

Click here for photos: Believe it and heed it. The firmware is a special chip labeled VLNA. The increased friction will prevent the antenna motorooa from coming loose. People missed this when I had it in standard sized font, so Ontario Hydroelectric is the electrical power utility for the province of Ontario, in Canada. Or originals that we can scan and return? All GR repeaters include the following: Position 1 counter-clockwise is used to program the transmitter, position 2 is used to program the receiver, and position 3 selects the reeater board.

Motorola Repeater Station CDR 500

Once the DC power connector has been extracted, you can remove the screws holding the circuit board and RF components to the heat sink.

This quirk is significant on your workbench: Well, the issue is that the radio is expecting a microphone to be plugged in, and the purpose of the Monitor button is to go to carrier squelch while the microphone is in the hang up clip.

There is a paper tag glued to the side of the factory crystal with an 8-digit number that contains the temperature coefficient information that needs to be typed into the RSS see this photoand naturally a new crystal will be different than the old one, but the data on the label on your old crystal should be a good starting point.


Controllers are required to automatically re-transmit communications. It comes minus the escutcheon, that’s the flat plate that surrounds the buttons and labels their functions. If you are building one up, or rebuilding one do not bother with the factory coaxial cable kit that comes with the internal duplexer, it is made from some really cheap RG58 grade cable with a very loose weave.

Yes, you can convert one to another by changing cords and the internal parts, but it’s much easier if you stick within the conventional or trunked versions i.

Moto-Tool is a trademark of Dremel, Inc. In the “A” position the pin is fed a constant level of un-muted reppeater audio i. Note that this jumper does not affect the speaker audio, it only affects one pin in the accessory connector.

Security Gadgets

There is a table of known good microphone part numbers below. Some hams prize them and will gladly trade a radio in another split for them. WA6ILQ has received more than one CD in the snail-mail with a note saying “for repeater-builder” and no return address on the envelope. It was based on the R full duplex radio that was based on the GM In the business radio world, the base station that talks into the repeater is called a “Control Station”.

If you want to do anything with a SJ trunked mtorola even just to reprogram the frequencies then you need the Scholer-authored RSS to talk to it.

Personally I avoid the sets with a single handle and changeable bits as my primary bench tools – it seems that you spend br500 much time changing bits as working on the radio. It provides the flexibility of frequency bands, power repeaher, and mounting requirements in a wide variety of applications. The “D” series of this mic and probably some of the earlier ones is glued or solvent-welded together during manufacture and you can’t open it without serious effort.

Please contact one of our communication consultants to assist you in configuring a GR to meet your specific needs. The R radio is no longer in production but when you can find them they are found in high band and UHF models and was switchable from wideband to narrowband on a per channel basis.

If you are going to add a duplexer to a GR series repeater just buy the duplexer by itself and fabricate your own cable kit from real mil-spec RG and some real silver plated connectors no nickel plated ones. The male connector require a unique crimping tool to be installed properly, and they are designed to fit only a few types of coaxial cable. Occasionally you find the stock firmware in an antistatic wrapper stuck inside the radio but that is extremely rare.


Motorola MaxTrac, Radius and GM Series Introductory Information

The earlier version of RSS run only on slow computers as it uses software timing loops to create critical delays the last revisions of the RSS are less sensitive to this than the earlier ones. The receiver is in carrier squelch when this pin is floating, and when it is grounded if the channel has PL or DPL programmed the receiver must have the proper PL or DPL to unsquelch it. This is low split UHF, sometimes called “range 1”, or “government range”. Maybe one pin is bent, soldered to another, or even broken off.

One last comment on channel steering: The microphone cord part number HLNA mtorola the 7 foot version plugs into the bottom of the microphone itself with a telephone style RJ-series plug. If you need one of those motoropa ranges then you need to look in the MaxTrac or GM series. It is not backlit. We would welcome any photos or schematic scans for any item in this list: Save time and let us provide you with verified contacts.

They will do 2 watts all day long for example, as a point-to-point link radioand will do 7 or 8 watts intermittently note the emphasis on the intermittently.

If you ARE going to use one then as a repeater or point-to-point link it only has to talk on one channel so you can use a cheap ebay M10 or M – but pick a 33 and 34 series radios the lower power ones as it is a better choice than a 43 or 44 series as they use the same heat sink casting. Yes, strange as it may sound, a D44 run at 15 watts runs hotter than when run at 30 watts.