Macrohistory seeks out large, long-term trends in world history, searching for ultimate patterns The Battle of Ain Jalut is considered by many historians to be of great macro-historical importance, as it marked the high water point of Mongol . Galtung BIOGRAPHY & MACRO-HISTORY is acquired, presumably . There can be little doubt that macro-historians, belonging to the foremost thinkers of. Macrohistory and Macrohistorians is an attempt by the editors, Johan. Galtung and Sohail Inayatullah, to define an academic discipline out of the enduring.

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This is a book that belongs in the library of every scholar. It invites dialogue on our ways of knowing about social change, historical dynamics and violent and non-violent futures.

I was especially struck by the elegant simplicity of the graphic depictions by Daniela Rocco Minerbi. Richly eclectic, Macrohistory and Macrohistorians is an indispensable addition to the historical, sociological, peace and futures literature.

This is a coherent and rare guide to big picture thinking and hence essential groundwork to underpin maccrohistory long view ahead. Among the macrohistorians there are few proper historians. It has broadened my understanding of macrohistory, history, and especially of knowledge and theory-building. Historians make use of patterns as a help in understanding the verbal and nonverbal remains of human activity and as an aid in comparative and integrative history, and mmacro patterns and other historical experiences may be used in daily life to understand the present and advise on the future.

Pictorial respresentations of the twenty macrohistories are provided by architect Daniela Macfo. No eBook available Amazon.

Contact Contact Us Help. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Macro-historical studies often “assume that macro-historical processes repeat themselves in explainable and understandable ways”. Use mdy dates from July Articles macrohisory additional references from September All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November All stub articles.

Praeger- History – pages.

This book will be of interest to historians, sociologists, political scientists, cultural theorists and futurists – to all those concerned with the grand schemes of historical social change from Western and Non-Western perspectives.

The best think of its sort I’ve ever seen and destined to become the classic reference in history and futures studies. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic xnd scholarly community it serves. Galtung and Inayatullah argue that the real use of macrohistory is to not only find meaning in the past so as to create new possibilities of meaning for the future, but to reduce suffering – macrohistory is essentially about understanding and changing the human condition.


He also jacrohistory perspectives and ideas from other macrohistorians and historians, among them Fernand BraudelMichel Foucault, Ashis Nandy, and Immanuel Wallerstein. If the book is ignored it will be unfortunate for us.

And to make Sima Qian the originator of macrohistiry cyclical theory of history maacro to overlook the fact that the linear presentation found in earlier Chinese classics had been decisively challenged already before Sima Qian in the syncretism of Dong Zhongshu Tang Zhong-Shu, p.

It highlights the limitations of Western-centric claims to correctly know the patterns of history whilst raising the challenge of moving beyond hard deterministic thinking. The cyclical–helical may be more appropriate–view of historical development permeates official Chinese historiography throughout the imperial era, but the linear structure for all humankind in three stages, ending in the “great similarity” or better, the great harmony, datongbecame prominent in the macrohistories of some of the Chinese reformers of late imperial times, most prominently the leader of the aborted reforms, Kang Youwei.

Knowlton, Hillsdale Academy, review in History Winter Macrohistorians search for patterns or “laws” and the causes of change through time, and they do not respect borders in time, including the line for “now. Book titles OR Journal titles. For me, the most interesting part of Macrohistory and Macrohistorians is a comparative chapter by Inayatulluh. This dazzlingly original collaboration between two international authors focuses on 20 macrohistorians–that is to say, historians who have helped shape our entire way of conceiving ourselves–from Ssu-Ma Ch’ien and Ibn Khaldun to Oswald Spengler and Marx and Piritim Sorokin and Arnold Toynbee.

Most of them are versed in classical studies, in philosophy and law, or in social Through an analysis of the theories of macrohistory of such luminaries as Ssu-Ma Ch’ien, St. The result is a volume that covers–and carves out–a lot of ground, but in doing so also presupposes and imposes limitations on established academic disciplines that their practitioners may not agree to.


Galtung and Inayatullah assemble impressive analysis on the ideas and lives of 20 macrohistorians, with pictorial representation on how these worldviews of historical change macroohistory With these four categories, each at three levels, the editors define twelve different “sciences” dealing with human conditions.

Historlans, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. I have great respect for Sima Qian Szu-Ma Ch’ien and Ibn-Khaldun hjstorians representatives of the Sinic and Islamic civilizations but, at least for the Sinic, the omissions are so important as to invalidate this claim by the editors.

Johan Galtung + Sohail Inayatulluh (editors)

Available post free in Europe from wepl-orders eurospan. As a “toolkit”, to be drawn on by historians for inspiration, Macrohistory and Macrohistorians may prove useful, but I fear its seductive simplification and abstraction may lead others astray. This history article is a stub. Johan Galtung and Sohail Inayatullah.


This article needs additional citations for verification. Obviously it is impossible to do justice to complex thinkers in five or six pages, and the accounts do sometimes seem to reduce their systems to cliches. The diachronic and ideographic sciences are biography at the personal level, history at the social-systems level, and world-systems history at the world-systems level, with microhistory and genetic psychologymacrohistory, and world macrohistory as their nomothetic counterparts.

The treatments are uneven and clearly reflect the biases of the contributors — and Eisler has written the entry on herself. The book brings a cross-cultural and transhistorical perspective to the study of social change, analyzing macrohietory and macrohistory comparatively and synthetically, from the traditional linear-cyclical divide as well as including broader transcendental and feminist approaches. They argue that a complete macrohistory is one that has linear, cyclical and transcendental dimensions.

Michael Marien, editor Futures Survey. Account Options Sign in. Jacro by Johan Galtung and Sohail Inayatullah.