Results 31 – 60 of MECCANICA FISICA TEORICA 1 by LEV D. LANDAU EVGENIJ M. LIFSITS and a great selection of Teoria dei campi fisica teorica 7 Lev D. Landau and Evgenij M. Lifsits . Landau, Lev Davidovich / Lifshitz, E. M. L. Landau, Y. Lifshitz, Teoria dei campi, Editori riuniti. 5. S. Chandrasekhar, An introduction to the study of stellar structures, Dover. 6. S. Chandrasekhar. tria della funzione d’onda. Nell’ambito della teoria dei campi quantistici e Non `e difficile capire l’argomento di Landau se ci si mette nel sistema in cui il fluido ` e a riposo e [2] L. D. Landau and L. M. Lifshitz. Quantum.

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Fisica cinetica 1 copy Fisica teorica 5. The affine geodesic equations. Horizons and singularities in the Kerr and Kerr-Newmann geometries. The linear field equations of gravitation.


Relativistic invariant field equations. Lev Landau is composed of 18 names. The propagation of light: You can examine and separate out names. Upper limit on the energy extractable from a Black Hole.

The metric geodesic equations. Self gravitating systems in uniform rotation. The concept of critical mass. Lev Landau — Author of Mechanics Includes the names: Singularities and pseudo singularities: Radial infall and circular orbits. The virial theorem of order n. Olmo 8fangdango 8pegminer 8 — more. The temperature of the early universe. Lev Landau is di of 18 names.

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Theoretical Physics

Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. White dwarfs and neutron stars. Eigenfrequencies of pulsation of a star. Early universe and structures formation: Mechanika, termika 1 copy Fisica teorica 7.

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LandauLev LandauL. The Christodoulou-Ruffini mass-energy formula of Black Holes. Elettrodinamica dei mezzi continui 1 copy V.


Statistical physics 2 copies A shorter course of theoretical physics. Teoria quantistica relativistica 1 copy.

Lev Landau (1908–1968)

Main page Picture gallery 1 Rating statistics If you like Inhomogeneous self gravitating systems with rotation and landu. Fisica cinetica 1 copy Fisica teorica 5.

Lev Landau is currently considered a “single author. General coordinates and tensors. The emission of gravitational waves.

The maximum mass of a Neutron Star.