As the manual with the KO2 is so poor I thought it might be a good idea to have one thread for all the tips, tricks, discoveries and shortcuts that. the instruction manual but isn’t because these days instruction manuals The Kaossilator 2 is a reasonably inexpensive x-y touchpad device. The Korg Kaossilator KO-1 is a portable music synthesizer manufactured by Korg . Termed a on the LED display but are given specific names in the instructions. It is possible to overcome the two-bar limit as the Kaossilator records audio.

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It can be found here: When played back one hears the first two bars but then two more will be available afterwards. However, if a person has some music theory background, they know that if you can set the root to an E and then re-set maual scale type to Aeolian, you get the same notes as a G-major scale, but starting at E.

Korg Kaossilator

Thu Jul 19, I would oove to know if there is a way to stop loop bank playback whilst playing a sound on the manuual. Fourth, it can play along with you [! On the Kaossilator, if you define the pad as two or more octaves everything is very close together. Third, you can record what you perform. Kzossilator of course this works for any key. A D-root as a Mixolydian scale gives you G-major notes starting at D.

Downloads | kaossilator 2 – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

Views Read Edit View history. All times are GMT. This page was last edited on 11 Julyat There is new firmware?? The Kaossilator features hundreds of programs, which are kaossilwtor synthesizer voices and sound effects, including acoustic guitartrumpetpiano manusl, percussion, and electronic kaossilahor. First of all, you can experiment with x-y touchpad performing.


The Kaossilator supports 31 different scale patterns including chromatic, blues and diatonic scales as well as more exotic scales such as Japanese and Egyptian.

A C-root as mahual Lydian scale gives you G-major notes starting at C. I actually bought the gadget for Little Plastic Doll, so she can have a real instrument to play in films, but that is manhal to take a while to happen.

Retrieved from ” https: Wed Aug 01, 3: Termed a “dynamic-phrase synthesizer” by the manufacturer, it is capable of producing a wide range of sounds, can produce a continuous music loop, and can be tuned to various keys and scales.

Newer Post Older Post Home. So I bought one. Two — My Kaossilator 2 Tip The little x-y touchpad is so powerful because it can be defined and re-defined from one performance to the next, from one sound to the next, or in any style for any reason in any way a person may choose to re-define it.

There are spots to affix lanyards. And you can control the root note which appears at the far left of the x-y touchpad. A software-only version is available as an application for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

It weighs g 5. On the little gadget, the Kaossilator 2, you can re-define the x-y touchpad, but only in certain ways. Discrete or absolutely smooth transitions from note to note, total control over dynamics, and easy integration with emotional expression without requiring great manual dexterity. If you set B as the root and the scale type as Phrygian you get the notes of the G-major scale but maunal at B. Wed Jul 18, 9: Despite this limitation, some artists have recorded full-length albums with the Kaossilator.

Display posts from previous: Does it make sense to have all the tips on one thread?

Or a chromatic scale. Also I like the fact that it is small, so Little Plastic Doll can perform on it. Unlike the original Kaossilator, it allows music-loops and settings to be saved on an SD memory card.


I am keen to know shortcuts, especially to the cross fader. Mon Jul 30, 2: Posted by Mark at Moving vertically usually modulates the sound in some way. Thu Jul 19, 9: Sixth, it has reasonably good output maanual can be routed into the line input of my current keyboards and other technology.

Because it can help you learn, too. Fri Aug 03, 7: So it would have been better if Korg had included a section in their instruction sheet describing how you can control the x-y touchpad in this way.

The larger pad makes it easier to hit kaoossilator notes compared to the original Kaossilator. Wed Aug 08, For instance, you can control the range of the touchpad, one octave, two octaves or more. To do this the user kaossilatkr the tempo to the desired value — for example — and records his part. I love kqossilator gadgets.

So an x-y touchpad can be defined to play simply eight notes arranged from left-to-right, and motions up and down can be used to control, say, volume. That gives you the freedom of setting the Kaossilator x-y touchpad to the smallest possible range for the largest possible finger area to touch while still giving you the ability to choose which eight notes you want available in the octave.

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