7 Sep INVISIBLE BROKEN WIRE DETECTOR PROJECT REPORT PRESENTED BY, RITESH PATIL APURVA NEMADE DARSHAN PATIL. 2 WHY WE NEED IT?? Today we use many gadgets and eletrical appliances which need a power connection from cellphones,refrigerators,cookers etc.. For all. 3 Aug Here is the circuit diagram and working of Continuity Tester, which is used to check broken wires, undesired shorting and discontinuity of wires.

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My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Our basic aim is to build a circuit to locate the broken point without removing the pvc cover To detect the exact location of breakage inside the pvc cover we employ our circuit with a hex inverter CMOS which uses its actions to control an oscillator which in return detects the edtector of an ac current and shows the location till which the current is passing. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Brokem buttons are a little bit lower. Finding out the exact location of breakage can be a problem to the user as the wires are usually insulated by PVC or plastic jacket making the conducting wires inside them invisible.

The blog outlines how hard the wier has tackled this. The circuit is made cheap and best. CTRC-nec nec August 25, at 2: As a result, the buzzer will not beep and the LED will remain low. When it senses the breakage in the faulty wire the LED in the instrument turns off, the user knows the location of the fault and the broken section of wire can be replaced easily. The handy broken-wire is portable and less prone to damage. It would not only be able to Reduce wastage of time but also resources Thus using just a hex inverter and few resistors we are able to construct a device which can easily detect a faulty broken wire and thus save the detetcor cost of user which is brkoen on replacing the faulty wire and not repairing it which is difficult.

Thus during every positive half cycle of mains frequency N2 goees high,and oscillator circuit is allowed to oscillate at around kHz making LED 1 to blink.

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Unknown January 11, at It stops to beep where it finds the broken wire and the LED on the invisiible will also go down. At the same time, pin 6 will also go high and the output of pin 6 makes the diode in the reverse biased which will cause the RC oscillator created by the R7 and C2 to operate.

Working of this Broken Wire Detector is very easy and the main part of this circuit, as mentioned preciously, is a hex inverter IC CD But, when the conductor has fault in it, it isn’t capable of conducting due to breakage at some point in its length, the device may no longer operate. It would not only be able in reducing wastage of time but resources too.

The resistance of the feedback resistor brooen kept high so that change in the electro-magnetic field does not affect the IC Thus using just a hex inverter and few resistors we are able to construct a device which can sire detect a faulty broken wire and thus save the extra cost of a user which is incurred on replacing it which is otherwise too difficult. By making this change we can make our detector degector user friendly and also consume less power We can also use a beeper to sound alarm when breakage is detected.

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It is very difficult to locate the accurate location of the broken wire, because now days electric wires are installed inside the walls by using the PVC pipes. Baba Charsi August 29, at 3: The whole circuit can be accommodated in a small PVC pipe and used as a handy broken-wire detector.

We can use an brokeh in between the led and the oscillator which will then turn on the LED only when the broken point is detected and keeping it off when wire is not broken. So, to find the accurate position of the broken wire, this Broken Wire Detector comes very handy which detects the broken wire by detecting the EMF generated by Alternating Current in the wire.

When the oscillator will oscillate, then it will make the LED to blink at very high speed and the buzzer will start to beep. It detects the broken wire by detecting the presence of AC voltage in the wire. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. That point is the location of breakage. When the circuit detects the presence of AC voltage near it, then the output pin 10 goes high. And because of this, people generally prefer to replace the broken instead of repairing it.

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Simultaneously ,the output of gate N3 at pin 6 goes low to cut of transistor T1.

While LED and buzzer are actually oscillating but they appears to be continuously on as the speed of blinking is very high. By making this change we can make our detector more user-friendly which now directly shows the broken point. When there is no electro-magnetic field, then pin 4 of the IC remains high and if the electro-magnetic field is present near the detector circuit, then pin 4 becomes low and pin 12 becomes high which triggers the NPN transistor BC to light up the RED LED.

Broken Wire Detector Circuit using IC CD

Your Projects that you have made open to all of us will be very helpful Organization of Memory Systems Driven only from outside Data flow in and beoken A cell is accessed for reading by selecting. Balaji Mohan July 6, at The gates N1 and the N2 detect the presence of the AC voltage around the live wire and weak AC voltage picked from test probe.

We think you have liked this presentation. Conducting wires serve in making complete connection. For all these we supply power using wires insulated inside a pvc covering covering, for protection of both wire and user,but sometimes this becomes a problem!!

Invisible Broken Wire Detector Circuit Diagram

Thus the circuit was made successfully which can easily detect broken point in the wire inside PVC jacket without physically disturbing it. Similarly, the low output of the pin 6 restrain the transistor from conducting. Due to prolonged usage, the power cord wires are subjected to mechanical strain and stress, which can lead to internal snapping of wires at any point.