And to them I won’t need to explain why a long-overdue reissue, titled Elric: The Stealer of Souls. Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melniboné. Publishing History (US). Trade Paperback, Del Rey, pp., ISBN: , 19 Feb , Cover by John Picacio. etsos_delrjpg. The Stealer of Souls, a short story by Michael Moorcock, featuring Elric, the albino prince of Melniboné and his companion, Moonglum of.

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Still, highly recommended and I’ll be moving on to the next book in the edition. Alan Moore writes a nifty introduction.

Elric of Melniboné

Return to Book Page. Yes, he supposedly did it to save Cymoril and thwart his evil cousin’s attempt to take over the throne View all 5 comments. But wait, someone says, his sword did it, it has an evil will of its own. Don’t expect them to be consistent.

That is a minor part of the stories in this book. This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat I realize that in this world, death is an everyday, harsh reality. In the very first story, “The Dreaming City”, Elric is practically the villain of the story, leading an attack on his own homeland to rescue his beloved.

I have a lot of problems with it but at the end of the day you give me a frail man with long hair and an evil soul-sucking sword and I’m content. His published works include Cyberpunk, Steampunk and Wizardrya history of science fiction focusing on steealer genre’s most recent decades; and the novel The Shadows of Olympus.


I found these stories to be very imaginative, and often brutal and dark. Kullerwoinen Son of Evil”. In their rout, he is found and given aid by agents of Law. Both would appear in later collections with “The Last Enchantment” occasionally retitled “Jesting with Chaos”.

Elric of Melniboné – Wikipedia

In the end he achieves only the destruction of his throne, his home, his lover, and his associates. This is particularly the case for readers interested in not just these novels but also Moorcock’s broader body of work, most obviously the various Eternal Champion series, from the historical fantasy of the Staler Beks The War Hound and the World’s Pain to soule steampunk-themed alternate histories of Oswald Bastable The Warlord of the Air and the loopy, experimental adventures of secret agent Jerry Cornelius The Final Programme.

Being a dark fantasy, Elric’s adventures are filled with horrendous creatures, evil beings and violent encounters. Unfortunately, the problem with this first book of a series is that the first few Elric stories are not very good. This is where the Chaos symbol is seen for the first time, this is where Eternal Champion takes his first steps, this is where Sepiriz tells Elric ” Meaning, Elric?

Facebook Google Twitter Stea,er Email. It enjoys being used to kill, whether the victim is good or bad.

Yishana is the sister of Stesler of Jharkorwhose ship was sunk by the catapults of Imrryr. So, Michael Moorcock, thanks for your insightful essays–the bonus material in this edition–some of which claim that Elric is really a well-meaning guy who just happens to go through bouts of existential angst.


Although pledged to Chaos, he must use every resource to combat the spreading evil. Moorcock’s doomed albino antihero is one of the better known in setaler literature, having crossed over into a wide variety of media, such as role-playing gamescomics, music, and film.

He became editor of Tarzan Adventures eleicat the age of sixteen, and later moved on to edit Sexton Straler Library. I say that he left because he was bored and wanted to play with his new evil toy. Let me tell you, I never thought I’d hate an inaminate object the way I hate the sword. I like to read multiple books at a time so the short stories were ideal for my reading style. Lovers of Genre-breaking Excellence. Image here Archived 27 September at the Wayback Slric.

The works are very much a product of the s and are a kind of anti-Conan sword and sorcery. And he has to fight for his life and that of his friends. I loved Robert E Howard’s Conan as a character but always longed for a fantasy character with deeper thoughts and perhaps a deeper meaning to the entire story. It is magnificent sword and sorcery that is as much a product of it’s time ‘s as Robert E.