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Artykuły naukowe pracowników Katedry Matematyki

That was one of reasons for conducting the survey only in the biggest cities. Wydawnictwo Akademii Ekonomicznej w Krakowie. The research has shown that household finance management effectiveness in the biggest Polish cities is effective, however on varied levels.

The main conclusions of the presented research results are the following: The budget deficit and public debt 6. The Polish National Bank – a bank of banks, the role and tasks b. Manikowski, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Poznaniu, s.

Fundamentals of Finance – University of Łódź

Households effectiveness can be considered from different perspectives, in the same way as businesses effectiveness. In finnsach pilot study non random method of selection was used, selection of standard units, in order to test the questionnaire.

Variable Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 1. Jajjga effectiveness approaches in scientific achievements in the field of organizational management, economics, corporate finance, public finance and banking, as well as sociology, psychology, mathematics and other scientific fields, attention should be paid to multidimensional approach to effectiveness, such as: In addition, an attempt has been made to verify the following hypothesis based on research results from the seven biggest Polish cities: In the literature the results of research on financial knowledge, financial control and management effectiveness of household finances nauoi discussed.


Elementary aspects of corporate finance 8. The social dimension refers to the elemejty of a household to its environment. Determinanty, teorie, modele, PWE, Warszawa. Functions of Finance 4. As part of the conceptualization study the following specific objectives are set: Statistical analysis has been used in the study.

Testing the statistical differences between the two groups has been performed using Mann Whitney test. Unfortunately, none of these studies show a relationship between the examined phenomena and household finance management effectiveness. The budget revenue d.

The problem is still current due to the lack of clear definition of effectiveness as a term and different approaches to research. Financial knowledge 3,43 3,07 3,98 3,69 2. Towards Quality of Life ImprovementW. Conclusion Personal finances is a fairly new sub discipline of finance, which is developing dynamically. Expert Systems with Applications, 33 2 Badania ekonometryczne w teorii i praktyceA.

Financial knowledge and financial control are two FOE 1 Praxeological dimension boils down to the evaluation of a household in terms of the achievement of its objectives.

Gathering a wide scope of information in one research leads to many simplifications and subjective data, which can unfortunately influence the research results.

Effectiveness is achieved through good relationships, appropriate division of labor between household members, as well as planning and attention to all aspects of the household finance, development of household members, property repairs, etc.

Foundation of the Cracow University of Economics,pp. The third group of respondents received the best average result from the financial test. Moreover the research shows that it is very hard to gather objective data from households, especially financial data, because households do not prepare financial reports like companies, and answers are exposed to psychological bias.

De Gruyter – Sciendo. On the number of clusters. The research sample was drawn using stratified sampling method. Investment funds always invest some of our funds in stocks. Household finance management effectiveness groups comparison 8 No.


The 10th international scientific conference. The author defines a formation as a pattern vector describing the financial instrument.

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You are not logged in log in. In addition, it has been shown that there is a correlation jajua significant between financial knowledge and household finance management effectiveness in the economic dimension and between cinansach control and household finance management effectiveness in the economic dimension.

Analyzing the generation structure within the effectiveness groups, it is worth noting that the highest percentage of people from generation Y and X was in the group with the highest FOE 1 Bielski ; 5 four balanced scorecard perspectives by R. Household finance management effectiveness groups Source: Finanse, praca zbiorowa pod red. Moreover, the concept of personal finance management is defined as the process of managing financial resources in order to achieve the financial goals through planning, organizing, influencing and control Nogalski et al.

The main objective of the paper is to evaluate the household finance management effectiveness in the biggest Polish cities. In table 1, an attempt has been made to adapt selected one dimensional approaches to the effectiveness of the operation of a household. Analyzing the average results of financial control, group 3 and 4 get 3 out of 7 possible points Table 4.

After taking into account all three variables for the household finance management effectiveness in economic dimension, respondents could obtain from 3 to 3 points. Kruskal Wallis test has been used for many groups.

The only point of reference can be the author s previous studies conducted in three Polish provinces: