KM+, a mannose-binding lectin from Artocarpus integrifolia: amino acid sequence, predicted tertiary structure, carbohydrate recognition, and analysis of the. The jackfruit, Artocarpus integrifolia (also known as A. heterophyllus), contains a lectin which is specific for D-galactose. The lectin is composed of four α and α’. A simple procedure for extracting a lectin from the seeds of the jackfruit, Artocarpus integrifolia, is described. The extracts had an average protein concentration.

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Cardiac contractility was measured in isolated right atrial muscles.

Artocarpus integer (Jack fruit) (Artocarpus integrifolia)

Methods The liquid microdilution atocarpus was used in the determination of the minimal inhibitory concentration MIC and the minimal microbicidal concentration MMCagainst seven bacterial and one fungal species. The first group could be used as food thickening or gelling agents. Based on the results of the research, it can be concluded that inoculum concentration of M. The minimal concentration for agglutination of red blood cells was Rather, it possesses a short, glycine-rich linker that unites the regions homologous to the alpha- and beta-chains of jacalin.

Another with an exotic floral odour was rich in oxygenated sesquiterpenoids based on the rare lippifoliane and africanane skeletons.

Artocarpus integrifolia (Jackfruit)

Sixty-seven compounds were identified, sixty of them being reported for the first time in jackfruit seed. Breakdown was increased by acetylation and reduced with oxidation.

Isolation and identification of mosquito Aedes aegypti biting deterrent fatty acids from male inflorescences of breadfruit Artocarpus altilis Parkinson Fosberg. The rubber content of latex from Jackfruit was 0. Their minimum inhibitory concentrations MICs and minimum bactericidal concentrations MBCs were determined using a broth microdilution method.

Although IgG contains similar sugars, the presence of a terminal sialic acid residue is sufficient to prevent binding of the lectin.

In this article a comprehensive evaluation of the potential utilization of Calceolaria species as a source of biopesticides is made. The optimized JFSS-GG beads containing metformin HCl artocarpsu significant hypoglycemic effect in alloxan-induced diabetic rats qrtocarpus prolonged period after oral administration. In addition, study on the toxicity of the crude extracts and the compounds isolated from this plant should interifolia assessed to ensure their eligibility to be used as source of modern medicines.


Premise of the Research: Here we report the case of a year old nurse who developed anaphylaxis following the ingestion of dried jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus. Mitogenic activity of new lectins from seeds of wild Artocarpus species from Vietnam.

Treatment with combinations of enzymes showed a greater effect in the reduction of viscosity Wound healing properties of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. This property has made jacalin suitable for studying various O-linked glycoproteins, particularly human IgA1.

Jacalin was isolated from jackfruit extracts by affinity chromatography on immunoglobulin-A immobilised to Sepharose 4B. Concentration of ethanol will be affected polarity of solvent. Cabruca is an agroforest of cacao trees shaded by native forest trees.

In this work, the enzyme was characterized for more biochemical and medicinal properties. Aqueous extract from leaf of Artocarpus altilis provides cardio-protection from isoproterenol induced myocardial damage in rats: An investigation of the chemical constituents in Artocarpus obtusus species led to the isolation of three new xanthones, pyranocycloartobiloxanthone A 1dihydroartoindonesianin C 2and pyranocycloartobiloxanthone B 3.

Molecular dynamics MD simulation suggested that FTP displays higher affinity for mannose than glucose.

jackfruit artocarpus integrifolia: Topics by

It is recommended that the powder be resuspended in a small quantity of PBS at pH Specimens collected near the Bolivian border that initially were identified as L.

A bacterial strain, designated UTM-3 Tisolated from the rhizosphere soil of Artocarpus integer cempedak in Malaysia was studied to determine its taxonomic position. Evaluation of antioxidant capacity and phenol content in jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. integrlfolia

In contrast, the internal cleavage of the jacalin chain permits free rotation of the homologous intwgrifolia acid, rendering it capable of accepting hydrogen bonds from both possible hydroxyl configurations on C4. The aim of this work was to study the in vitro anti-inflammatory effects of phenolic compounds isolated from the ethyl acetate extracts of the fruits of Artocarpus heterophyllus.


A lectin specific for N-acetylgalactosamine was isolated from seed extract of Jack fruit Artocarpus heterophyllus by ammonium sulfate precipitation, followed by affinity chromatography on a Affigel-galactosamine-agarose column.

Pyranocycloartobiloxanthone A 1 consistently showed strong cytotoxic activity against the three cell lines compared to the other two with IC50 values of 0. To investigate the ultrasonic-assisted extract on of total flavonoids from leaves of the Artocarpus heterophyllus.

Phytochemical analysis showed the presence of terpenoids, sterols, saponins, tannins, proteins, carbohydrates, alkaloids, phenols, flavonoids, glycosides, and quinines. Among the four compounds, 3 and 4 were new acetylated flavonol diglucosides. However, this plant artocarpu could be damaged by a random natural disaster such as a hurricane. Inhibitory effect of isoprenoid-substituted flavonoids isolated from Artocarpus heterophyllus on melanin biosynthesis.

Integrivolia important outcome of this study will be the development of value-added products from the medicinal plant Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. From the analysis of jackfruit seed starch obtained water content of 6. Its leaves and roots have been used for medicinal purposes.

A late Cretaceous origin of the Artocarpeae tribe in the Americas is inferred, followed by Eocene radiation of Artocarpus in Asia, with the greatest diversification occurring during the Miocene.

However, they did not inhibit xanthine oxidase activity or scavenge superoxide anion, hydrogen peroxide, inregrifolia radical, or peroxyl radicals derived from 2,2′-azobis 2,4-dimethylvaleronitrile in hexane. Polyphenol oxidase PPO from jackfruit bulb was purified through acetone precipitation, ion-exchange column, and gel filtration column. The optical properties of synthesized CQDs were characterized by UV- visible and fluorescence spectroscopy. Cell studies revealed that FTP was non-cytotoxic to cultured mouse fibroblast 3T3 cells below 0.

New phenolic artocarpuus from the twigs of Artocarpus heterophyllus. Microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized from enriched genomic libraries of Artocarpus altilis breadfruit and tested in four Artocarpus species and one hybrid.