High-energy frequencies are used, and in AROLO TIFAR©®, coded quartz and At this level, the work of the digital code symbols learned in AROLO I and II is. Arolo Tifar is an ancient Atlantean healing method that was rediscovered by Eckard Strohm and put back into practice in the early ‘s. “Arolo Tifar” are. Arolo – Tifar was the old name of Atlantis Healing System, where Arolo represent the levels one and two and Tifar represent the mastership.

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Treatments at this level utilize two quartz stones and two amethyst stones. The words you are searching are inside this book. AROLO 1 is not used in this case. If that field lacks energy, energy is added. When my body is very bright the plus of white energy will be driven into the aura and into the outer energetic fields.

Visible malfunctions are always symptoms, while the root is always hidden. Arolo is considered the active part of Reiki.

Arolo Tifar and Reiki are complementary and extremely beneficial when utilized together in a healing session. Treating the symptom will not result in healing the root of the malfunction. Test the necessity of cleaning the aura.

Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Goodness. We wait on that spot for it to start working and when we are not sensing it anymore we will go on fixing the same way all the problems that may appear.


The name Arolo-Tifar is under copyright.

Lets say the Arolo diagnosis indicates that tifaf individual is completing a karmic process confirming that the lesson has been learned. Make the causing treatment with the quartz tifat on the points representing the affected energetic level.

At the time of the “sinking” of Atlantis humanity entered into a “falling asleep” phase, a period marked by the loss of consciousness. You use the amethyst on Sahashara asking for initiation in the Atlantis energy.


Arolo Tifar is unique as a healing method because of its special system of analysis. For further information about Arolo Tifar and the workshops, please click here. Plato named this cycle the Cosmic Year. We will notice that following the two exercises there is no difference in the way of receiving the point, no matter if we do the test eyes opened or closed.

In this case the emotional response is merely a symptom secondary field. When you have an idea number three represents it and when you put into practice it represents four.

***ATLANTIS HEALING SYSTEM Pages 1 – 49 – Text Version | AnyFlip

Color yellow is a possible answer that can show a side cause of the affection 3. Suggestions for personal follow-up work may be given as well. In this case the patient has to be sent to a priest. In kinesiology we can make the following tests: Arolo Tifar and Reiki may be utilized in the same treatment session.


AKMA on the third chakra of the patient 3. Visualize the way the quartz crystal is entering the Ajna chakra atolo goes to the third eye and activates it. For the beginning we will do the zero test of the arm. Color red is a negative answer and it shows that this is not the cause of the affection 2.

How does the Arolo analysis support a treatment? It follows the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the third chakra, the second and then the first chakra, then on the palms of the hands and on both feet. They are able to determine, with great accuracy, the state of health and emotional disposition of other dolphins, even at great distances.

Please share this system under the last name. By merging the two equilateral triangles it results the hexagram, the symbol of the Harmony between Divine and man.