ASLPTR-T. MOTOR DRIVER, STEPPER, 2 O/P, TSSOP ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS. Minimum Order: 1. £ Cut Tape. This board is based on Allegro Microsystems A Stepper Motor Driver IC. The A is a complete microstepping motor driver, with built-in translator. A Microstepping DMOS Driver with Translator FEATURES AND BENEFITS Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Northeast Cutoff Worcester, Massachusetts.

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I was scoping motor windings with locked rotor. The sense resistor, Rs, should be connected as close as possible to the device. Typical Data is for design information only. If the voltage on the PFD input is less than 0. Allergo New Member Dec 16, The VREG pin should be decoupled with a 0. The synchronous rectification can be set in either active mode or disabled mode.

Pins 11,12,13 are connected to the 5V supply. I’ve been having issues with the allegro A dying for no reason. Articles Top Articles Search resources.

A Datasheet(PDF) – Allegro MicroSystems

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. To set the max current per phase place voltage meter from gnd to REF.


Never dies during use, I just found the system down. Use of external Schottky diodes with low Vforward, to clamp the outputs to VBB and ground, will help to reduce the power dissipation in the A Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Welcome to our site! Potentiometer Questions Started by norbss Yesterday at This prevents the motor winding from conducting in the reverse direction. Both sequences fall on the same row of table 2 in the datasheet.

What type of protection features does the A offer? I don’t have any references available, but I’m pretty sure back driving steppers is one of those “don’t do that” things For example, with direction low, if you changed from Eighth Step mode to Full Step mode when you were at Eighth Step 2, the translator will advance to Full Step 2 but not change the output currents.

Qllegro this, power up your board, and enable the motor. First Prev allebro of 4 Go to page.

Mixed decay is between these two levels. Matilda New Member Oct 10, When logic high the outputs are disabled. Q11 – Is the A a constant-current or constant-voltage controlled device?


Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. REF is set at 2. The A is a complete microstepping motor driver, with built-in translator.

PIC32 AND A3979

Each output should also have one Schottky diode connected to ground anode to ground, not to the sense pins. When the next step arrives, the device will go from the position the translator was at before the sequencing mode was changed, to the next position of the new sequencing mode.

Frequently Aplegro Questions Q1: Also, control the frequency of the STEP signal, from a start.

Got any tips for me? In the event of a fault excessive junction temperature, or low voltage aolegro VCP the outputs of the device are disabled until the fault condition is removed.

I think I’ve just figured out what’s going on. The VREG terminal should be decoupled with a 0.