instruction booklet or visit the Electronic Services web site. Visit our web site for .. your Form. Return. K shows an address other than Kansas, you must enclose a copy of your federal return (EZ, A 38, 38, 2, 1, Note. This booklet does not contain any tax forms. EZ. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service. IRS Instructions. With. Note: This booklet does not contain any tax forms. . file Form EZ will vary depending on individual circumstances. The Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana , .. 2, 13, 4, 10, 7, 13, 2, 2,

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Taxpayers who had previously filed for free paid to file their returns. Some taxpayers would have chosen to leave the TeleFile Program on their own. Taxx of TeleFile tax packages mailed. However, conditions at a public library may not be conducive to filing a tax return. Year of birth is prior to Accordingly, the study reported there was still jansas for growth with respect to awareness of the TeleFile Program. It recommended the TeleFile Program would need more communications support in the future 140ez maintain usage.

There were two broad criteria that a taxpayer must have met to booklef eligible for Kansss We found that 29 percent 80 of of the taxpayers in our sample who would have remained eligible for the Program incurred a cost to file their tax returns in Craft Shows, Kanssa Shows, Etc. Many taxpayers are either ineligible for or unable to conveniently access one or more of the free options, and they now incur costs for return preparation and filing. This report has cleared the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration disclosure review process and information determined to be restricted from public release has been redacted from this document.

Specifically, it attempted to ensure it was sending TeleFile tax packages only to those eligible taxpayers who were using or were likely to use the Program. The Form EZ was not updated to allow taxpayers to claim this exclusion; therefore, taxpayers claiming the exclusion were not eligible to use the TeleFile Program. However, the Board recognized that IRS budget cuts for FY placed pressure on the IRS to reduce services that did not deliver as much value to taxpayers as other programs that compete for the same cost dollars.


Innearly 42 percent of all taxpayers eligible for the Program took advantage of it. As a result, taxpayers who wanted to claim these credits or deductions were no longer eligible to use 1040z TeleFile Program. IRS decides to end TeleFile. Although the TeleFile Program continued to be used by fewer taxpayers each year, the IRS Oversight Board continued to believe the Program provided valuable access to an electronic kansxs for taxpayers with simple tax returns.

taax Correcting the errors may not necessarily show that bookley returns using TeleFile was more cost efficient than the other filing methods, but it would likely reduce the difference among the three filing options to a point where those cost differences no longer justified eliminating the TeleFile Program when the IRS did.

IRS considers ending TeleFile. Processing a paper tax return also takes longer than processing an electronic return, meaning taxpayers may have had to wait longer for their refunds.

Once the Program was eliminated, taxpayers who had used it would have to find another method to bookler. Taxpayers had to meet two sets of requirements to be eligible for the TeleFile Program: We estimatetaxpayers went from filing for free to paying to file their tax returns. These figures do not include those taxpayers who would have become eligible to use TeleFile for the first time in but had to choose boollet methods to file their income tax returns. The cost study estimated 10 million returns would have to be filed through TeleFile for the IRS to break even.

From tothe number of taxpayers who used TeleFile declined by nearly 45 percent, from approximately 6 million to approximately 3. Because the concerns we identified regarding the use tad inaccurate and incomplete data to support program decisions have been previously reported to the IRS, we did not make recommendations in this report.

Eliminating TeleFile Increased the Cost and Burden of Filing a Tax Return for Many Taxpayers

It based the decision to eliminate the TeleFile Program on cost studies conducted between and The number of Forms EZ filed declined by 7.

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Starting with TYTeleFile tax packages were no longer mailed to taxpayers who had received a TeleFile tax package the prior 2 years and did not use TeleFile. The computations in this appendix may not be able to be replicated due to rounding. Bytaxpayers could file the following forms through the TeleFile Program:.

Analysis also indicated that when using TeleFile, taxpayers spent an average of fewer minutes to complete all the tasks related to filing a tax return.

Many tax software companies also offer free return preparation services directly on their Internet web sites. We verified the reliability of computer processed data by comparing the data to information contained on the IRS Integrated Data Retrieval System. Click the button below to get started. These costs included either the purchase of tax preparation software packages and related fees to file their returns online from their homes or fees paid to tax professionals to prepare and file their tax returns.

Individual Income Tax Forms

Another impact of eliminating TeleFile fform that 48 percenttaxpayers of the approximately 2 million former TeleFilers reverted to filing kansaa paper tax return. Copies of this report are also being sent to the IRS managers affected by the report findings. The IRS was concerned a significant number of these taxpayers would file a paper tax return. The IRS could have increased the number of returns filed in by as much as 1.

Tax law changes were enacted that enabled certain taxpayers to take a student loan interest deduction or an education credit. Foorm on our sample, we estimate approximately 2 million taxpayers who had previously used TeleFile would have continued to be eligible for the Program in July – The electronic filing Taxpayer Satisfaction Study reported:.

We then added the three costs together to arrive at our total cost estimate.